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"I’m afraid of everything. I’ve been reading psychology books to try to figure out why. Logically, I know everything is fine. I know that I’m only twenty, and I have so many blessings and advantages. Yet I’m afraid I haven’t accomplished enough yet. I’m afraid of the future. Afraid of getting older. Afraid of being alone. Afraid of having a child. And afraid of the dark. I’m really, really afraid of the dark."

(Kiev, Ukraine)


Scientists studying ancient evolutionary changes recently trained a group of fish to walk on land. Over the course of 8 months, the shape of their bodies changed as they adjusted to the terrestrial lifestyle.

they learned to place their fins closer to their bodies, helping them to walk more effectively, and they lifted their heads higher than fish in an aquatic environment. Even their skeletons changed, becoming more elongated and forming stronger attachments across the chest (perhaps to increase walking support)./

Many of these changes are similar to what has been inferred from fish fossil records, leading the researchers to “hypothesize that the behavioral changes we see also reflect what may have occurred when fossil fish first walked with their fins on land”, says Hans Larsson, a collaborator on the project at McGill. But are we sure teaching fish to walk is such a good idea? It’s time we all revisited The Creature from the Black Lagoon.


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